• The school aims at imparting quality education for the development of the entire personality of the child. Hence the education is directed towards the training of pupil’s intellectual, physical, cultural and aesthetic faculties.

• The school intends to encourage the students to strive towards excellence in very field, giving due consideration to the welfare and needs of their fellow-men.

• The school intends to develop in modernians the awareness of the social responsibilities and train them to be of some service.

• The school helps them to become mature individuals who respect their elders being polite and well mannered.

• We endeavor to develop among students a positive attitude towards problem solving in both academic and non-academic situations.

Discipline and General Instructions

• Students must reach school 10 minutes before the Morning Prayer. Late coming without a sound reason shall be entitled for punishment.

• Students must come in proper, neat and clean uniform daily including his/her birthday. Absence of proper uniform will disqualify the student from attending the classes.

• Students must not use or carry any valuables, watches or electric gadgets to school. School will not be responsible for their loss.

• No student will be permitted to go home before the school hours without his/her parent’s written note.

• Students must keep their bicycles at the school cycle stand only and nowhere else.

• Students should take care of school property like building, furniture, and scientific apparatus other things. Any damage cause will be liable for penalty.

• Students must not damage the greenery in and around the school campus, but try to keep it clean and beautiful.

• Silence and discipline must be observed on the corridors and the stair ways during school hours and the queue should be maintained while proceeding to the labs, P.T., practical’s or any other cultural activity.

• The lost property if found should be submitted in office and enter in the lost and found register. The lost property can be collected only on Saturday after the school hours. • Students are responsible for their behavior and should see that it is exemplary in and outside school. Discourtesy and disrespect in any way will be treated severely.

• Every student must have his/her own copy of the calendar and bring it to school daily. Parents should check the calendar of their ward and sign it from time to time.

• Each and every student is responsible for maintaining the cleanliness of the school.

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