College Activities


SCIENTIFIC CHILDREN’S DAY AT IISER On 14th 0f november 2017, the students of 10th 11th and 12th grades of NCL high school and Jr. college and Huzurpaga school students were taken to IISER institute of Pune for an exhilarating and enthralling science exhibit. This exhibit was organized by Agastya Foundation , IISER and Sakal and was conducted at the IISER institute .It was held on two separate days, one on the 14th of November, to train and help the students set their exhibitions up. The day being children’s day the students were treated to a delicious lunch and a motivational speech by the director of IISER. The students were first shown the experiments, explained the principle behind it and then were trained to explain the phenomena to the public. The final showdown was on the 18th, when the exhibition was open to public. A staggering 3000 people showed up to view the exhibit. The models encompassed principles from all fields of science; Chemistry, Maths, Physics and Biology. The models revolved around basic scientific principles which included the structure of an atom, explanation of areas of shapes, working of biological systems etc. There was a great deal of enthusiasm and ready......

NSS Akluj

Special leadership development camp: NSS Sagarika Chadawar and Rutik Jagtap of STD (XII) attended NSS (+ 2 stage) ‘Special Leadership Development Camp’ organized at Shankarrao Mohite College, Akluj during 23rd November to 25th November 2017. Mrs. Prabhavati Kolekar(NSS+2 stage, Coordinator, Maharashtra State) inaugurated the camp. The chief guest of the function was Mr. Dinkar Temkar (Assistant Education Director, Pune). In her motivational speech Mrs. Kolekar Madam  delivered a message of ‘Not me but You’ to all young leaders. Mr. P.N. Sambare sir (NSS+ 2 stage coordinator) guided students in his lecture ‘Role of leaders in NSS program’. Campers received training of personality development, management of solid waste and also learned experiments to curb superstition. It was indeed a very good experience for the campers.  ..

Lecture on Disaster Management

Mr. Anil Dandekar Ex. Principal MIT School Kothrud delivered a talk on the topic Natural Disaster Management on 9th Dec 2017. Students got good guidance about natural disasters and what are reasons of natural disasters such as Tsunami. Students realized their moral responsibilities in the contribution of social welfare. He said that the Tsunami struck the Indian Ocean on 26th December 2004. The Tsunami was Originated at Sumatra Island and it reached to the southern parts of India. The height of tide was high so the tides were very dangerous which killed thousands of people all over world. Especially countries like Thailand and Indonesia were badly affected. It also badly struck the Andaman and Nicobar Island. At the end, he said that our Indian scientists have developed highly advanced technology to predict about the changes in the sea which gives information to the Indian satellites and within 20 minutes, the information will be available to the district commissioner by which the life of Indian people can be saved...

Lecture by Deputy Commissioner of Police

A lecture was conducted on 4th Jan 2018 by Hon. Rajendra Dahale, by Deputy Commissioner of Police. About the new app available for the common people for registering a complaint online. We can also check the status of the complaint. Information about the cyber crimes was also given. Safety measure during online banking was discussed. It was an informative lecture which will be helpful  for the students as well as teachers...

Workshop Conducted by Baal Prabodini

At the NCL Jr. College we value our student’s intellectual thinking and nurture it through a perfect blend of the traditional as well as contemporary ways and means for comprehensive development of student’s personality. Through this workshop students were able to learn all elements which played a pivotal role in the learning process. Various sessions conducted in the workshop helped students to realize their inner potentials and strengths. The planning and time management session helped those to organize and blend their time and energy in a better manner which will be goal oriented. The session on concentration helped them to focus on their goals whereby they can channelize their potentials to the optimal level. Teaching should always be interactive wherein student’s involvement becomes essential, this was the unique feature of the workshop which made it more enjoyable for the students.  ..

NCL Innovation Park

INNOVATION PARK, PASHAN PUNE The year started in the month of June with a lecture by Dr. Janardan Kandu. The lecture took place at Innovation Park, pashan. Over here the students gained information about different scientific reasons behind enormous activities which are carried by us on daily bases. Dr. Kundu also educated us by giving information about non-material substances and effects of temperature and pressure on them. Later students visited the Innovation Park and enjoyed activities like melting of ice with common salt etc.  ..

Biodiversity Lecture

Bio-diversity lecture by Varun Kher Mr. Varun Kher, student of Herpetology and ex-student of our college delivered most impressive lecture on different types of frog and reptiles. He gave information about identification, breeding habits, seasonal adaptation of various snakes and amphibians.  ..